Having rules can sometimes mean being restrictive of strict, OUR rules are to ensure the safety and wellbeing of YOUR dog, our other guests and staff.

Day Care:

  • We only care for well behaved, socialised dogs, we cannot deal with aggression of any kind. Any dog that shows aggression to other dogs or staff will not be allowed to return to the centre.
  • Male dogs over 8 months must be neutered.
  • We are unable to take bitches in season, you can imagine the problems that would cause!
  • We can only take dogs that are fully vaccinated. Your dog’s vaccination card should be presented at your first visit to The Doggy Lodge and witnessed. This is to comply with the License Agreement in place.
  • We strongly recommend your dog has the ‘Kennel Cough’ vaccination.
  • At this stage we are unable to deal with dogs with serious health condition, such as recovering from a recent operation or dogs that require medication.
  • All owners and dogs must come for a meeting first so we can show you our facilities and to asses how your dog will interact with others.

Drop off and Pick up times for day care.

  • The gates will be open for morning drop offs between 7.30am (8.30am Saturday) – 9.30am
  • The gates will be open for morning session pick-ups between 12.00pm – 1.00pm
  • The gates will be open for end of day pick-ups between 4.30pm – 6.30pm (5.30pm Saturday)

Please note due to shared access with other businesses the gates must be locked by 6.30pm. If these times are not suitable for you please inform a member of staff so we can arrange something for you.

Home Boarding:

  • We only care for well behaved, socialised dogs, we cannot deal with aggression of any kind. Any dog that shows aggression to other dogs or staff will not be allowed to return to the centre.
  • Male dogs over 8 months must be neutered.
  • We are unable to take bitches in season, you can imagine the problems that would cause!
  • We can only take dogs that are fully vaccinated. Your dog’s vaccination card should be presented at your first visit to The Doggy Lodge and witnessed. This is to comply with the License Agreement in place. During their stay the vaccination card must be kept with us.
  • Your dog must be regularly treated for flea and worms.
  • We strongly recommend your dog has the ‘Kennel Cough’ vaccination.
  • All dogs coming for home boarding must visit us first before the stay. It’s important for both owner and us to meet your dog first to asses how they will be suited for home boarding.
  • All food must be supplied for their stay as well as their bed.
  • Any medication they may be receiving must be clearly explained.
  • Any conditions you dog may have, i.e. separation anxiety, nervousness etc must be made clear from the initial meeting to help asses they suitability for home boarding.



Opening Times
Weekdays 7.30am - 6.30pm
Saturday 8.30am - 5.30pm
Sunday Boarders Only
Bank Holidays 8.30am - 5.30pm

Dog Training

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  • Christine Lampey

    Poppy had a great day... Quiet at first as it was her first time and not used to being off the lead but ...true to beagle ...just had to see if she could get out, but alas joined ins the fun and had a good run round with the others. Looking forward to the next one.
  • Shannon Blackburn

    So glad we took Nellie to doggy day care, got great feedback at the end of the day and Nellie was asleep for the rest of the night showing she had a good day! Can't wait to bring her back!
  • Lesley Munday

    Roxie stayed with you on Wed 21st Sept came home very tired we all had a restful evening and most of the next day. We'll be back.
  • Gabrielle Lucas

    Thank you for always taking such good care of Loki Leah and our newest member Ally they always have the best of times when they are with you.
  • Helen Jermy

    Riley loves his days with you guys and all his doggy friends ... see you very soon
  • Moira Breeze

    Fantastic ! Our Labrador puppy has a great time and returns home a very happy but tired dog. Thank you.
  • Tracy Miller

    Thank you for making Archie's first day at the Doggy lodge so easy. As he is only four months I was worried about leaving him, but there was no need as I know he was treated like he would be in his own home and was very well looked after. Wouldn't hesitate to bring him back.
  • Jan Stocks

    Cody looked like he thoroughly enjoyed himself, not sure he wanted to come home!!
  • Claire Hannan

    Having found your company on Facebook, I needed your Doggy Daycare quite suddenly as we were attending a funeral that was not local. Phoned & spoke to a friendly person, who instructed me in all aspects & I managed to finish off the booking online, which was very easy to use. Found the Day care quite easily & both my greyhounds left me willingly! Again, another friendly person handled the dogs & off I went. I saw the outside area where there were already quite a few dogs playing & apparently my two couldn't wait to join in. After picking them both up just before closing, I was told they had behaved themselves, enjoyed playing with everyone & were welcome back. Lovely, I feel quite happy taking them back again, & I will be booking them in again as they came back tired & slept all night. Plus they've both been off the lead & run around the large play area, which is great as they don't get off the lead normally because as they're ex-racing greyhounds, they can't be trusted to come back especially if there's something that requires chasing in the foreground!!! I would highly recommend this service, maybe handy if they offered a feeding service for the dogs that are there all day, it's not a criticism, just a thought. Thank you very much for looking after Thad & Tula. xXxXx
  • Angie Rains

    It was great to know that Reggie was able to play and have fun for the day, as well as being supervised and safe. He came home shattered and happy. Thank you.
  • Louise Williams

    Fantastic site for dogs to run around in safety. Professionally run. Willow was exhausted when she got home, we didn't hear a peep from her. Highly recommended.
  • David Oliver

    Benji the Miniature Schnauzer has been attending Doggy Lodge Daycare a few days each week for a month or so now. He was a very anxious little boy when he first started going and was very noisy round strangers and other dogs. He has grown in confidence after each visit and is now very well behaved each visit. He is very excited when arriving at Doggy Lodge Daycare and cannot wait to get in. We are very happy with Doggy Day Care and think it is an excellent venue to for your dog to attend.
  • Jade Woodyard

    Jay loved he whole day! & was sound asleep when we got home, such a lovely place with wonderful staff, i know Jays looked after well & hes very excited to stay the weekend! Thanks again Jade
  • Chad Page

    Excellent facilities and terrific value Staff were professional and very friendly highly recommended My dog Bella was well looked after
  • Amanda Wallbank

    I should have used Doggy Day Lodge along time ago. Riley our Husky comes home very worn out and it has made him more sociable towards other dogs. The people are very friendly - website is easy to book your dog in. Happy days
  • Cara Craven

    My 2 labs love it at the lodge, so do I when I pick them up they have dinner and sleep till the next morning shattered and content
  • Fiona Horrod

    The doggy lodge are the only people on earth I trust with Lady. They truly understand her and understand she just loves to run. She loves going there and playing with all the doggies. I will always bring her back. Xxxx
  • Mark Allan

    Thanks for looking after Stanley he seemed to have a great time!
  • Kirsty Maurer

    Roxy loves coming to the doggy lodge! Such a good place to leave your pup whilst you have to go to work! We decided to get Roxy groomed by Chloe and she looks and smells beautiful even came home with a cute bow in place! Thank you all we will be using this service again x
  • Zoe Jennings

    Onyx has now been coming to day care for a couple of months now, she knows when we pull up where she is and rushes to get out of the car. I'm not sure if she is looking forward to meeting all the other dogs or the lovely team that help look after her. Leaving her with you for the day, I no I don't have to worry as she is being looked after so well. Thank you
  • Martin Holden

    You look after coco and bumble so well. I like the advice that's given if you have a problem. The couple of overnight stays they've had have been brilliant too.
  • Sachiyo Barnes

    My 2years old playful boy had a lovely time with lots new friends yesterday. I really recommended.
  • Heather Eastwood

    Rio had a fun filled day and certainly slept well.
  • Katrina Lehman

    Ollie absolutely loves coming to visit. He enjoys playing with the dogs and talking to the staff. He comes home exhausted and sleeps well. I feel better knowing that he is out enjoying himself for the day rather than sitting at home alone while I'm at work. I would recommend Doggy Lodge to anyone who requires care for their dog. I really appreciate the changes you have made to suit my circumstances. We will be seeing you again soon!! Thanks so much. Katrina
  • Tracey Dillon

    Thank you for looking after Keiser. What a wonderful idea, and very reasonably priced (I've paid £10 previously for someone to walk him for an hour!) It was his first time and as an 18 month old chocolate lab, I'm sure you had your hands full all day! He slept from 8pm that night and that's never happened before, so I'll be back very soon! Thanks again
  • Amanda Goodchild

    Hi Paul & Tony Pete & I can't thankyou enough for giving Kodi a lovely experience for him to be able to have a fab time without worrying about being with us. Was so lovely to see him so settled with all the other dogs and we shall be bringing Kodi back very soon. Cannot think of anything to help you guys as think, you have thought of everything for the dogs, to have a fab time 😊 Thanks again Amanda, & Pete
  • Sam Webb

    Pringle had a fantastic day at the doggy lodge day care. She was absolutely exhausted when we got her home! Paul and Jans are always so friendly and nice and truely love all the dogs......feel even happier to leave my little baby with them for a week boarding next week when we are on holiday. Totally recommend the doggy lodge
  • Martin Holden

    Excellent advice given. Massive improvement socially after one visit.
  • Catherine Allen

    Really great setup for the dogs, well thought out accommodation, easy to use website and an invaluable service for dog owners! On behalf of Maggie & myself, thank you very much!
  • Jackie Tyler

    Susie seems quite happy to be left and she is tired for the rest of the day. She needs company which is why I bring her - more for her sake than mine! Thanks.
  • Kerry Akers

    My husband and I were very happy with doggy lodge day care! The dogs (belle and Frank ) came home shattered and would highly recommend anyone to doggy lodge!!
  • Kirstie Brooks

    The Doggy Lodge is fantastic, the team are friendly, knowledgeable and do an amazing job! Fred is so well socialised now and loves his visits
  • Pat Dobinson

    Our two Beagles love it there. They get to socialise and to run off lead with all kinds of dogs. They get lots of exercise and fresh air and sleep well for the rest of the day! I love the space in the large field and also the dry areas in the house, so the dogs are fine in both good and bad weather. It's all very well organised. Plus the dogs are well cared for. I would recommend The Doggy Lodge to any dogs owners.
  • Paris Hart

    We would be lost without you guys ... Thank u so much 🙂
  • Lesly Balcombe

    Ella has really settled in at the doggy lodge and bounds in when I get her out of the car. Thank you very much for taking care of her and making her days such fun. Lesly & Ella
  • Claire Blackwell

    Excellent service as always. I can see in my rear view mirror as I leave Ben enjoying himself and stretching his legs in the field with his friends! Thank you.
  • Stuart Cowen

    Very friendly. Happy to share their procedures and facilities. My dog seemed to enjoy himself and came home very tired!
  • Sandra Merritt

    We bring Toby once a week and he is always happy to go. The staff are friendly and welcoming, all the dogs are treated like family when they are there. It is a lovely safe environment of fun packed times. Thank you
  • Laura Jones

    Murphy clearly had a great time at his first doggy lodge day. Jumped up at me when I came to pick him up but only so he could be carried to the car where he was asleep before I pulled away after his busy day chasing and playing! One happy puppy, one happy owner
  • Debra Mclaren

    Our little dogs tail wags harder when we mention doggy day care! She loves every minute of it! We don't hear a peep from her all evening! First class service every time!
  • Sara Kayley

    Myself & titch received a warm welcome on our 1st visit ..I was shown the indoor area & outside ...paul & tony are fab asking lots of questions regarding titch ..felt very happy leaving her there ..think titch enjoyed it ..will definitely recommend them ..& titch will certainly return again x
  • Jill Hughes

    Thank you for looking after Riley yesterday afternoon, he really enjoyed himself and he is already booked in for next week. It's lovely to see all the dogs looking so happy.
  • Stacey Pollard

    Great service, very friendly staff. I felt very comfortable leaving Oscar for his trial day and we had a nice chat about how he had got on during the day on pick up. I think the booking system is great, really convenient online.
  • John Dobson

    Thank for looking after pickle ! Absolutely shattered, slept all night and this morning !!
  • Bev Simpson

    What an amazing idea. Nothing like this i've seen or heard of in Essex, just what i need for the occasional day when i don't want to leave Oscar alone. Will be a regular.
  • Teresa Hawkins

    WOW!!! My 2 Springers LOVED IT!!!!. Never seen them so tired. Perfect location for dogs. Thank you so much Rachel & the team.
  • Chris Howell

    Great for my shift work. Hate leaving Bubbles but now I have you guys i'll be booking her in a lot. Perfect for her to run wild and play with other doggies.